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Jeanette’s Wedding Jewelry

When my niece Jeanette got engaged, she came to me for the wedding party jewelry. Jeanette had a little antique boutique, and she had set aside a few vintage faux-pearl necklaces which she originally intended to use as her bridesmaids’ jewelry. She decided instead to do something a little funkier and fun.

She brought the necklaces into my store.  I placed them on a tray and asked her to put everything on the tray that appealed to her.  In the end we had a nice palette of ivory, peach, grey and bronze.  Her picks included some smoky topaz cubes, peach freshwater pearls and coco-colored faux pearls.  I added some Swarovski crystal rondelles and some rhinestone “disco ball” beads.

Using the findings from the vintage pieces, and incorporating the vintage pearls, I made the bridesmaids 3 strand necklaces.  Each strand incorporated a color – peach, white or smoky/bronze, and the necklaces were able to be worn either with the strands laying upon the neck, or twisted.  Each one was completely different.

The maid-of-honor didn’t want a necklace, she wanted a bracelet, so I designed a “porcupine” bracelet of hundreds of drops of stacked beads which were then strung with pearls in between every 3 drops.

I was thrilled that all the bridesmaids (and my niece) liked their jewelry, and with the black dresses they wore, it looked great.  They each had a unique piece which could be worn thereafter without looking like “wedding jewelry!”



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How Many Beads Are In That Tube?

So…your directions say, “approximately 1500 size 11 seed beads.” But your bead store sells them by the tube, and can’t tell you how many are in the there – what now? This handy dandy list will help you find the right number of beads.

In a 6″ tube:
Size 8/0 – approximately 1120
Size 6/0 – approximately 315
Size 11/0 – approximately 3080
Size 10/0 Twisted Hex Cut – approximately 2319
#1 Bugles – approximately 2500
#2 Bugles – approximately 1000
10/0 Triangles – approximately 1680
8/0 Triangles – approximately 1100
5/0 Triangles – approximately 390
11/0 triangles – apprx 29.5 grams (about 2105 beads)
8/0 triangles – apprx 28.0 grams (about 714 beads)
4mm Cubes – approximately 336
3mm Cubes – approximately 440
Magatamas – approximately 308
Mini Fringe Drops – approximately 560

3 inch tube:
15/0 approximately 3500

10 Gram Tube:
11/0 Delicas – approximately 1900 delica beads in a 10 gram tube.

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Rose Petal Clay for Interesting, Fragrant Beads

Did you know you can actually make beads out of rose petals? Rose petals have been used for centuries to make beautiful, fragrant beads.  Collect the most fragrant petals, follow the recipe below and once they are formed into a paste and made into beads, you will have beads that will release their fragrance when worn or handled. For this reason, rose petal beads have traditionally been used in rosaries.

A great webpage with pictures can be found at

Here are some more links:

Rose Petal Clay


  • 1/3 cup non-self rising wheat flour
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 3 cups of rose petals
Method: Mix flour, salt, and water to make a stiff dough. Cut rose petals into tiny pieces and then crush by rolling them between your palms. Knead enough petals to the dough without making it crumbly.
Rose Petal Bead Rosary

Rose Petal Bead Rosary

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