Cherry “Quartz”?

August 30, 2012 at 4:02 pm Leave a comment

I admit it…when I first saw “Cherry Quartz” I loved the pinky-salmony color. I was in Alpharetta, Georgia visiting a bead shop with a friend, and couldn’t resist a strand of smooth chunks. The resulting necklace is below. I still like the necklace, but I have since learned a lot about this “stone.”

“Cherry Quartz,” being sold by vendors at wholesale shows, is actually a type of glass. Gemologists became suspicious of this materials when they noticed bubbles in the “stones” which turned out to be spherical gas bubbles.

There is a similar product, which I also am a sucker for, called “Pineapple Quartz.” It is a translucent yellow and I just love its light buttery color. It too is glass.

So if you like it – enjoy it! Make sometime beautiful but do not be fooled. The gas bubbles are often visible to the naked eye. If you get it for a good price, have fun with it as you would with any beautiful glass bead.


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