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An Easy Button Brooch Project


Get out your glue gun! This project could not be easier, and as you can see, you can make a very nice pin.

I started with a wood heart shape that I purchased from the craft store. They are around $.25 each. You can spray paint it a background color if you wish. Next, get out your button box and fish around for the buttons you want to use. Be careful – you do not want to glue on buttons which may be old or valuable and which would be damaged beyond repair by gluing. In my brooch, I used buttons that are antique-looking, as well as some ubiquitous shirt and blouse buttons in the color scheme I chose, in order to fill in any open spaces. You will want a variety of small to large buttons to get the effect of my brooch.

Trace your heart shape onto a piece of paper and then play with arranging your buttons in a pleasing fashion. When you are happy, get your glue gun heated up, and start gluing, beginning with the buttons on the bottom layer. Having flat sew-through buttons on the bottom will help you to arrange the shank buttons so that they also lay flat.

After your buttons are glued on and the glue is dry, glue a pin back onto the back of the heart. Viola!

I once took these heart shapes (with the pinback already glued on) to my son’s second grade class for Valentine’s Day. I provided the children with colorful shirt buttons, glitter, confetti, and bits of ribbon. First they used crayons to color the heart cutout. This meant that they didn’t have to cover the whole thing with buttons. Of course, the Room Moms did the gluing, the children did the designing. I still love the pin my son made for me!


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